You might be asking yourself; what’s the point of this blog, who cares anyway?    Well for one, we care, and for two, we don’t really care if you do or not. 🙂 As a kid, I never had a true family vacation.  We love the outdoors and we love seeing new things.  So when my son was born we decided that we were going to start saving and take major family vacations every other year.  Well that every other year turned into every year and now sometimes multiple times a year.  I have learned a lot of tips and tricks for making travel plans, and at the same time I have learned when to cut loose and just go with the flow.  The cutting loose part is not a trait I inherited let’s get that straight.  I have had to slowly train myself to go with the flow.  Often times the most fun we have on our trips involves going with the flow and doing something tourists don’t ever hear about, taking that back road in the country to see a new town or a random hike that hasn’t really been written about anywhere.  We have flown on just about every US based carrier, rented cars from just about everywhere, and stayed in a variety of hotels and AirBNB locations.  Since this blog is a little late to our travel game I am going to play catch up.  This is where my anal retentive email tracking and trip planning comes in handy.  We have since found our favorites and preferences and we want to share that info with you so you can get out and enjoy our amazing country.  And as always #LNT (for those of you not # inclined that means Leave No Trace).  We hope you enjoy!