Bozeman, Montana! June 2019

Well some of us had a few things going on the last several months and our blog posts kind of took a back seat! But we’re getting caught up now and we have a lot to show you! Bozeman is truly a location of its own in Montana. It reminds us of a more open and spread out Boulder, CO with a lot more to offer. The downtown area is excellent with some great shops and restaurants. The housing market is booming and there’s so much to do within an hour or two on a daily basis that you can’t possibly even attempt to do it all in 8 days. While we attempted to do a lot, more than anything we just wanted to spend time with our friends we hadn’t seen in a while. Below are some highlights.


We loved eating at Sidewinders. The food and drinks were excellent, and there is even a play area for kids with video games. We also loved having Gelato at Mavens in downtown Bozeman, which we enjoyed on more than one occasion in our time there. If you love Breweries like we do you also have to check out MAP. The food and beer are fantastic.

Favorite Things

We spent a quick minute in Big Sky and took the Tram to the top for a quick sight seeing view. The rest of the area was mostly shut down in between seasons so we didn’t get to see a whole lot. However, we were able to do a quick, easy, but pretty hike to Ousel Falls.

Some other area favorites:

Yellowstone….goes without saying, but be forewarned, you will be battling tons of people like Disney World.

The Bridgers, some of the best trails are in the Bridger Mountains and there are very few people around. We hiked up to Fairy Lake which was truly breathtaking!

STAY AWAY from South Cottonwood Trail. It’s basically an open Dog Park trail which smells terribly of dog poop with much of it on the trail as owners don’t clean up after their pets.

More than anything we enjoyed spending time with our friends, riding bikes, enjoying the weather, and exploring the city of Bozeman.

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